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These are some great sites to check out.  Each one may be useful to the SYW modeler is some way.


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Baccus 6mm

This is a site to look at the beautiful range of 6mm figures being produced by Peter Baccus.  It is updated with news about new products and many other things useful for 6mm gamers.

Irregular Miniatures

They were suggested to me as an alternative to Baccus, but I gotta say they look like little blobs on the website to me.

Olde Rivertowne Miniatures

The soon-to-be US distributor of Baccus figs, I have high hopes.  This company will be reviewed as soon as they come online with the Baccus range.


Scenery/Gaming Sundries

Paper Terrain

Cheap, good looking table dressings! Give them a go, there is a Micro-Scale European Village I'd like to try.


A cool little site with lots of flags for many different periods.  Maybe just enough SYW stuff to get you by for free.

Litko Aerosystems

A great place to order bases from.  They have every size that you could imagine and many other little things that may be of use to you.  They are very efficient and easy to work with.


Might & Reason

Seven Years War rules written by Sam Mustafa, also the author of Grande Armee.

Groups/Discussion and Advice

Might & Reason Yahoo Group

A great place to ask questions about the game and ask for help with anything concerning the game.

The Miniatures Page

Plenty of crusty old farts to bounce ideas off of. Make sure you use proper spelling and grammar in your question if you want polite answers!

SYW Fan Sites


This is a great site entitled SWY project, hmmmm... sounds familiar.    This site has been a great source of inspiration for me.

It has recently been updated with MANY great links and is in a constant state of evolution.  Please give it a look.

Not By Appointment

Here we have a gentleman with the ability to draw accurately, the desire to get it right, the knowledge to research, and the desire to blog it all for our entertainment.  If you have ever had the desire to make your own plates for the SYW period, you are only a few clicks away from making it happen.  Visit this site and see what is happening! 

Historical Information

Kronoskaf: Project SYW

WOW, I was blown away when I found this site.  It is a wikipedia-esk site devoted to the SYW and created  by the users.  Very well organized and growing by the day.  This site is right up my alley.  They are slowly creating a database of uniform plates and have already logged a lot of information in text!  Check it out!!!!!!

Sites of Interest

Ssendam Wargaming in 6mm

This site hasn't been updated since March.  Another blogger talking about his experiences with 6mm, but he is using different manufacturers.  This guy paints like I want to, but can't yet.  Absolutely beautiful work and some great painting tutorials for Nappy 6mm, but can be applied to the SYW.

Wargames: Painting & Modeling

A wonderful blog with a very professionally produced modeling magazine.  This site warrants a very long look.  I'm jealous.

Make Ready

A great blog supporting some home brew rules for musket era DBx style games.  Check it out.



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