Monday, August 6, 2007

Olde Rivertowne Miniatures

These folks seem to be up and running just fine.  I received my order in good time, it arrived on August 1st.  My flag sheet was not in the order, and there was a note saying that it would be sent when it arrives, as it was out of stock.  So now I can count on ordering for a fair price here in the USA.  Which is good, because the exchange rate was killing me.

The only negative aspect of the order was a lack of a response email.  I received the confirmation email from ORM and it said that my order had been partially delivered.  I emailed back and asked which part was on back order.  I never received an answer.


I have guests at the house this week, so there will most likely be very little progress to report on next week. 

35th Infantry Regiment

I finished my second unit of Fusiliers this weekend.  I am quite happy with the results.  This is the first of many "royal" regiments that come with yellow flag poles and spontoons.  I think it brings a nice look to the unit.

35th Infantry Regiment - Fusiliers





Nothing to see here...

I have failed to get anything painted in the past two weeks as I have been entertaining relatives in town to see their granddaughter and a pair of twin girls in an ultrasound.  I have been put further off track by a book I purchased on a whim while in Barnes and Noble, called Creating Web Sites for Dummies.  I started this blog to show my hobby work and get valuable information (at least to me) out on the web, then I began to enjoy the hobby and the website development equally.  I have to say that I am enjoying the web development more for the moment.  I'm sure I will get back to the blog soon, please continue to check back in!


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