These guys have been a joy to paint!  They look like crap while going through the process, but I am hoping the effect of seven on a base, and two bases will be worth it.  I think you could easily go overboard given the amount of detail that Peter Berry has given to the models, so you have to make choices about how detailed you want to go.  I think I have a happy medium, for me anyways.

Here were are with only the first color on the horse.  Now, Prussian heavy cavalry only used dark horses, so this helps when picking out colors to use.  I have decided to use the same color for the whole unit, for simplicities sake.

Now a coating of white on all of the troopers uniform.  I had to use two coats to get a decent coverage.  Make sure they are not to thick or you will cover up some detail.

Next is the cuirass, and it was black with facing colored trim.  Straight black will do for us.

A better angle for a look.

Prussian cavalry wore buff colored gloves when riding, so I have painted them next.  This step will most likely happen after facing colors in the future.  In plates of these uniforms, there is usually a bit of cuff showing under the gloves and this affect can be more easily achieved by painting the buff over the red.

Next is the facing color, which on a cuirassier is applied to the saddle blanked, holster covers, sabretache, and cuffs.

Here we have painted the overcoat that cuirassiers were issued.  It was grey originally then switched to blue around the beginning of the SYW.  It's a shame as I think I would prefer the grey aesthetically.

I painted the flesh next.

Here we have painted the tricorne and scabbard.

Two new paints in this picture.  The sword blade painted silver and the basket painted brass.

Some more attention to the horse here.  I have painted the bridle and other leather black.  I also painted the tail black, but it's not evident from this angle.

This is a great time to touch up any black areas.

Pistol holster covers, sabretache, and saddle blanket all lined in white lace.  This step is very time consuming, but also very rewarding.

This is a good place to touch-up any spots that need a dab of white.

White lace from the other side.

Carbine painted beige brown.

Green hat-rossettes.  I used Olive Green due to lack of information about the proper shade.  It is my brightest shade, and I felt this would stand out the most.

I also painted the ground under the hose in my base color at this point.

TA-DA, finished.

Here is the first finished cavalry unit to grace my Prussian force.  This is why the update was late this week, I wanted to finish these guys before I updated.

Cuirassier Regiment 1







Over-all this was a great experience.  I really enjoyed the challenge as well as having something completely new to paint.  Variety is the spice of life.

The only disappointing thing about painting these guys was the white paint.  I was hoping to paint an Austrian force next, but having to put two coats of white on everything is kind of a turn-off.  My biggest concern will be finding a way to make the belt (a large part of the uniform at this scale) being distinguished from the uniform.  I have sent out pleas for help on the Might & Reason Yahoo group for others that have experience in painting white uniforms.  I also asked the advice of Peter Berry from Baccus.  We'll see if I can pull it off as I have a test unit to try soon.

In an effort to fund further SYW purchases, I have begun to liquidate old unpainted models and painted models, so check out the For Sale page occasionally to see what is up for grabs.

Shipping is usually pretty reasonable.  I will list shipping in the states and charge actually shipping to those outside the US.

Check out this page, I've added some things that might interest readers, especially fans of the French.

I also finished my second unit of grenadiers this week.  Here they are, I am quite pleased with how they turned out.

Infantry Regiment 42 Grenadiers






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